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Accelerate construction permits with AI

Building large construction projects is hard. Getting your permits shouldn’t be.

Cut submittal errors by up to 90% and start building 2x faster with Permio.

Our founding team has completed over 9,300 projects in 24 states.

Lincoln property company
Lincoln property company
Leveraging AI and human expertise for permit workflows

AI smart assistant.

Permio's AI smart assistant Mio takes on permitting tasks such as researching zoning requirements, filling in forms correctly, pinpointing errors, and responding to comments. It sets free valuable time and resources for your team to concentrate on other critical aspects of the project.

Plan ahead with AI-powered requirements research
Improve efficiency with project templates and automated error checking
Respond quickly to comments with help from our AI smart assistant
Leveraging AI and human expertise for permit workflows

Expert guidance.

With a dedicated Project Manager from our team of permit experts, no project is too complex and no detail too tiny. They ensure everything stays under control, providing valuable guidance and anticipating possible issues, ensuring the successful execution of every project.

One-on-one project onboarding
Comprehensive submittal strategy and planning
Experienced stakeholder management
Leveraging AI and human expertise for permit workflows

Predictive project dashboard.

Our intuitive project dashboard, enhanced by machine learning, predicts approval timelines to optimize forecasting. Permio’s automated task management ensures team connectivity, smooth coordination, and optimal resource distribution. This keeps your construction project on track and on budget.

Project analytics and forecasting
In-app PDF markup
Electronic document and fee submittals

Measure twice cut once


Maximize investment returns

Accelerate your construction timelines and earn higher investment returns. Gain construction permits faster and capitalize on opportunities for increased profitability.


Save time and frustration

Be as efficient as never before. Benefit from clear approval requirements and flawless permit applications, ensuring smoother processes and a sooner start to building.


Stay on schedule

Improve forecasting accuracy and maintain project schedules. Plan precisely and execute on time with Permio, facilitating permit expediting and optimizing project outcomes.


Build without stress

Rest easy knowing Permio provides automated updates and task management. Focus on your construction projects with confidence.


Keep control easily

Stay organized with our centralized document management system. Keep all your permit approvals and documents in one place, enhancing efficiency.


Reduce workload

Streamline processes with in-app submittals, document management, and comment response. Experience hassle-free transactions, streamlining permit expediting from start to finish.

Get your permission to build

80% of commercial construction projects face delays because of permit issues, leading to increased costs and reduced returns. In the worst cases, projects are never built at all.  Don’t let permit delays stop you from building.

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